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Developmental Alphabioticist,

Josh Paik


"Alpha what?"

Around July of 2011, Brandon, a good friend of mine that I haven't spoken with in a long time, called me unexpectedly. He called to tell me some great news about how this new process that has helped him heal and repair from past trauma and stress in his life. "You have to experience the alignment!" he exclaimed. 

Me:                What are you talking about?
Brandon:        The Alphabiotic alignment!
Me:                Alpha what?
Brandon:        Alphabiotic Alignment! It's a way to reboot your brain and unlock it from survival mode. It's great for healing and                        stress management!
Me:                 Really? This sounds amazing! How come I've never heard of it before?

I was skeptical of what I was hearing but at the same time, I was also very interested in hearing more about how it changed his life for the better. Brandon had suffered from many physical injuries from the past and like many of us these days, he had very high levels of ongoing stress in his life. Living in Los Angeles, he had a wide array of options, therapies and modalities for relieving his stress and addressing his many poorly healed injuries from the past. The Alphabiotic alignment is unlike any of those. It is a unique process that efficiently and effectively deals with the effects of stress on the brain and body. Simply put, you and I have the ability to heal from the natural wisdom that comes from within when your brain is no longer in an unnecessary stress state. 

I had my doubts but I was also looking to be in better physical health and was starting to feel hopeless about emotional and spiritual issues I was battling with. I opened my mind and scheduled my first appointment to get aligned. Finally, the day arrived when it was my time to get aligned for the first time. It was a pivotal and life changing event that I will never forget! Immediately after the alignment I felt so refreshed and renewed with life and energy like never before! It was such a relief from the feeling of being stressed that I didn't know existed. I felt light, happy, focused and full of love! I continue to receive regular weekly alignments to this day and have experienced so much healing from past injuries, ailments, emotional and spiritual issues. This is my personal experience with Alphabiotics and hope that you too are blessed with an abundance of healing and love.

- Josh Paik